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Political Science
Bozidar Mitrovic

Tuesday October 23 , 2012d Political Science Lecture: Political socialization: Shaping the Political mind Slide 1: Essay - Due in seminar November 5-9 - - Attach receipt and statement of academic integrity - 2,000 about 8 pages - Chicago style - Title page w/TA name, seminar time, your name - Return in last seminar Slide 2: Political socialization - where do beliefs and values come from? - Human partly shaped by nature, but also by the hand that rocks the cradle Slide 3: - lifelong - process through which attitudes towards and knowledge of political matters are passed on within society (p.g 113) - shared values = social stability? - Exam Question: agents of the political socialization Slide 4: Picture of crocodile coming out of an egg - socialization very important for humans - teaches someone social order Slide 5: Accident of birth - how different would you be had you been born into wealth or poverty? - We don’t pick our families. Do we pick our friends? - Face enormous affects of socialization Slide 6: Agents of political socialization - people and institutions that convey political attitudes and values to others in society - family, education, mass media, religious institutions, peer groups, workplace, leaders, state actors - which social agents are the most important (for you) Exam * Slide 7: Family - “all children are born into totalitarian regimes” - partisanship - earliest information - identity - decision making rules - morals/religion - gender roles - all your political ideas come from your parents - identity shapes how you think and believe Slide 8: Mexico/Germany (World Values Survey) - table 5.3 (116) - Mexicans emphasize children’s duty to respect, obey and love parents - Germans fell parents must earn respect and children must learn independence - Could this explain differences in political system? Slide 9: Education - curriculum: set by government(s) - indoctrination - debates over evolution, book bans,
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