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Political Science
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Bozidar Mitrovic

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Wednesday October 31 , 2012t Lart Lecture: - Faust is like Frankenstein - The revolution is like Frankenstein (taking parts from the enlightenment) - Range of questions and deep thinking between knowledge and reason and passion and death - Frankenstein showed the after affects of the revolution Rousseau and Burke: - similarities: o complex relationship with the mainstream of the Enlightenment o inspiration for romanticism - Rousseau broke with his contemporaries - Civilized life corrupted people at their core th - Burke was a creature of the 18 century englightenment - Supporter of the American revolution - Saw the American revolution as a rejection of the past and its restoration of its past - Corruption of a king - Thought the FR was bad - Both of the men have as part of their legacy a claim to be fathers, inspiration for romanticism Neoclassical style: reason, structure, balance - was a artistic architectural movement - ideas of classical Greece and Rome and the Renaissance - showed ideas of clear reason and thinking - principles that show structure order and balance - JJR wanted to create a philosophical reason - Both are preachers of their day Romantic Style: - feeling, intuition, passion, imagination, spontaneity, mystery, faith - JJR helped sketch out the idea of individuals in social life - B4 JJR it was typical to
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