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Political Science
Blayne Haggart

Tuesday September 10 2013 th Poli 2F20:  final exam: what is globalization? Definition, include 3 examples of globalization Course Structure: - historical background and theoretical approaches - the international system, war and security - global political economy - selected topics in International Relations Slide 1: What is globalization? - a historical process involving a fundamental shift or transformation in the spatial scale of human social organization that links distant communities and expands the reach of power relations across regions and continents (exam) Slide 2: Globalization as a process - fundamental shift or transformation in the spatial scale of human social organization - stretching of social, political and economic activities across political frontiers - technology (skype) - intensified connections across borders - accelerating pace of global interactions and processes - deeper links between the local and global (rising awareness) - institutionalization (not just the creation of the UN) o the way things are done in the manufacturing world Slide 3: Key Concept: Deterritorialization - globalization: “expands the reach of power relations across regions and continents” - globalization claim: we are moving from a state-centric world to a non-state- centric one - state is not the only actor on the field - world of nation-states or world as a social space Slide 4: WikiLeaks Cables - documents were leaked to the internet that were cables that linked countries - released cases - Feb 2010, documents that were diplomatic communications were released, showed a ship of journalists killed on their way to Iraq - Largest leak of documents ever leaked - Rise of a non-state actor spread the information Slide 5: Global financial crisis: - huge intervention by the US - it spread around the world because every country is connected Slide 6: What drives globalization? - technology (ICT) (internet, telephones, making it easier to communicate) - Economics (“capitalism’s insatiable requirement for new markets and profits”) - politics (emerged over the decades due to decisions made by people, leaders, people, how to deal with problems) Slide 7: Characteristics of globalization - blurring of domestic and international politics - restriction of state autonomy, a powerful state would have a high level of control but not the case now (international discipline) - state still most powerful global actors? Slide 8: Characteristics of globalization - Multidimensional o Economic o Military o Legal o Ecological o Cultural o Social - Asymmetrical o Winners and losers o Democratic deficit o Role of power (always involved somehow) Slide 9: Globalization as process - increased interdepended o oil sands (climate/global warming/trade) o euro crisis and the GFC - Big Question: Who governs? o Global policy networks o International institutions Slide 10: Globalization in action: Who promts from the iPhone/iPas? - iPod microchip product o licensed from a British firm o Modified in the U.S and China o Mass production in Taiwan & S.Korea o Warehoused in Hong Kong o Assembled in China Slide 11: Critiques of Globalization thesis - degree of globalization o say globalization is nothing new o look at migration o trade flows - globalization or internationalization? o Considering stuff globally or stuff between states o Are be seeing globalization or regionalization? - Globalization = U.S hegemony o Just us dominance o Influence of US power in Syria/the international community should do something - National power still drives global politics and the world economy - Globalization could go forward Slide 12: PRISM - released documents on national security monitoring internet usage and text messages - internet started in the US and is based in the US The evolution of international society and the emergence of the modern world Slide 1: What is “International Society”?
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