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Tuesday October 22nd 2013 Poli 2F20.docx
Tuesday October 22nd 2013 Poli 2F20.docx

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Brock University
Political Science
Blayne Haggart

Tuesday October 22 2013nd Poli 2F20: Post-Colonialism Slide 1: Post-colonialism: IR from the ground up - 1990s: End of the Cold War, failure of mainstream theories to predict it, opened the door for critical theories, including feminism and post- colonialism - Post-colonialism: “Bottom-up” approach, in contrast to “state-down” Slide 2: Former colonies in International Relations - Decolonization began with Woodrow Wilson and the League of Nations… - …Was interrupted by World War II… - …Continued apace after 1945… - …And culminated with the end of the Cold War. Slide 3: “Developing”, “Third World”, or “Global North/South”? - Post-colonial theorists challenge the idea of linear “development” and the language associated with this - The Non-aligned movement: Former colonies delineate their independence - Oil! 1973: OPEC asserts its power Slide 4: The Post-colonial approach - Defined by subject: Colonial-imperial relations and their effects - Defined by perspective: POV of the colonized, marginalized - Defined by sources: Testimonials, fiction, poetry and memoirs – used to analyze culture, which is the lens through which it views world politics - Normative bias: Plight of the dispossessed and marginalized - For clarity: Post-colonial theory; postcolonial era Slide 6: Revising history, filling gaps - 1980s India: Subaltern studies take shape by moving away from Western analysis of subjects: o Research question: “What does history and contemporary life look like when it starts from subaltern points of view, from the bottom up, instead of the top down?” o Had to invent/discover/u
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