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Political Science
Blayne Haggart

Tuesday October 29 2013 Poli 2F20: Slide 1: Introducing Feminist Theory - Feminism: A movement dedicated to women’s political, social, economic equality o Gita Sen: “The essence of feminism is the radical reinterpretation of tradition.” - Feminist theory: Goal is to explain why women are subordinated o Normative objective: Produce “emancipatory knowledge” that would help improve women’s lives  One focus: Where the women are, and why  Women in parliaments (2009): 18.6% o Explaining women’s position in international relations Slide 2: Feminist theory, or theories? - Using feminist theory doesn’t necessarily require an either/or choice of theoretical approaches - Types of feminist theory: Different explanations for women’s subordination o Liberal o “Post-liberal” theories:  Marxist/Socialist  Constructivist  Post-structural/post-coloinal Slide 3: Gender - Distinct from sex - A set of socially constructed characteristics that define masculinity and femininity - A structure that signifies unequal power relationships between women and men - A system of social hierarchy o Masculine characteristics are more valued than feminine ones - Policy issue: Effects of living in a gendered world? Slide 4: Applying feminist theory to IR - Liberal feminists o Women’s equality can be achieve through removal of legal obstacles - Post-liberal feminists: Less
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