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Political Science
Blayne Haggart

Tuesday October 29 2013h Poli 2F20: International Ethics Slide 1: Introduction - International ethics: How should we treat those “outside” of a political community (e.g., a nation-state)? - Two main questions: o Are “outsiders” and “insiders” moral equals? o How can we act ethically, given a world characterized by the existence of international anarchy and moral pluralism? Slide 2: Three possible approaches - Cosmopolitanism: Humanity as a single moral community with universal rules (also called universalism) - Realism: Humanity as a collection of separate communities with their own boundaries and no common morality (see: A Few Good Men) - Pluralism: Humanity as a collection of separate communities with some minimally shared standards Slide 3: International ethics: Sources - Draws on Western traditions of moral theory: o Deontological and consequentialist ethics o Kantianism o Utilitarianism Slide 4: Cosmopolitanism - Advances idea of a universal human community of equal members - Most important thinker: Immanuel Kant o Categorical imperative - Does not (necessarily) require a one-world state - Emphasizes positive and negative duties o Responsibilities not to harm o Responsibilities to provide assistance Slide 5: Cosmopolitanism - Cosmopolitan idea: Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Supported by globalization Slide 6: Cosmopolitanism critiques - Anti-cosmopolitan position: morality is not universal; justice is rooted in specific places/communities o Communitarianism: Values diversity as a good in itself  Only have limited, largely negative duties to those outside the
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