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Lecture 15

POLI 2F30 Lecture 15: POLI 2F30 - 15

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Political Science
Sanjay Jeram

POLI 2F30 Lecture 15 Colonialism and Development in East Asia th 19 November 2015 poling system speaker next Thursday. 1.Historical trends a.1820 richest country in region was the Philippines b.Because it has silver. Spanish take some of the silver back home i.Countrys history and who colonized it and how affect the development of the country later on. c.1970: taiwans level of development was twice that of Philippines i.Something happened that switch the developmental status ii.Flip south east richer than north east. North east take off economically. iii.Impact of colonialism and what happened years after colonialism. d.Grwth rate 19702000: philipphines (1) Taiwan (7) e.One example of divergence between SE Asian and NE Asia f.rethinking colonialism and the origins of the colonial state in east Asia 2.The developmental state a.East Asian miracles or tigers often attributed to state capacity to implement industrial policy i.Business collaborate with the state together they exploit other parts of the w
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