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Brock University
Political Science
Brad Walchuk

Tuesday October 1 2013 Poli 2P80 Lecture 4: Measurement: Deductive = quant Inductive = qual Slide 1: Measurment - what is it? The process of creating measurable concrete variables from abstract concepts - extends the senses (empirical) - tends to be more of a concern for quantitative researchers o qualitative researchers can still measure Slide 2: Measurement - quantitative = deductive - qualitative = inductive - both involve conceptualization and operationalization Slide 3: Meas. - steps to follow o 1) identify concept of interes o 2) develop conceptual definition  decide on units of analysis  ie. How will we measure something o 3) operationalize to create a variable  links concept to measurement technique Slide 4: How do we measure? - quantitative research: o usually use deductive reasoning o start with an abstract idea o measure variables o finish with empirical data  ‘prove’ or ‘disprove’ our thesis o does the relationship exist? o Is yes 2) is the relationship strong? Slide 5: How do we measure? - qualitative researchers: o usually use inductive reasoning o start off with empirical data, observations, or qualitative observations and search out the why (via interview) Slide 6: Beginning the process of measurement - 1) conceptualization – the process of developing clear, rigorous, systematic definitions for abstract ideas/concepts - 2) operationalization – the process of moving from the conceptual definition of a construct to a set of specific activities or measures that allow a researcher to observe it empirically - example democracy o 1) define o 2) variables to test Slide 7: Example Democracy - 1) conceptualizing democracy o think about important criteria: i.e free and fair elections, universal suffrage ect o develop a working definition: i.e “a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system” - 2) operationalizing democracy o develop a process to determine if various countries meet our definition o the presence or absence of certain criteria can be noted, measured, and we can determine if a country is democratic: i.e does it have elections? Are there opposition parties? Can people vote? Is there a free press? Slide 8: Quantitative research - quantitative conceptualization: o taking an abstract idea and coming up with a working definition that will be used in your research - quantitative operationalization: o connections your conceptual definition to the unit of measure you will use o any process that reflects or documents the abstract concept you are studying (i.e democracy) Slide 9: qualitative conceptualization - qualitative researchers come up with the conce
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