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Monday September 23rd 2013 Poli 2P99 Lecture 3

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Brock University
Political Science
Charles Conteh

rdMonday September 23 2013 Poli 2P99 Lecture 3Major theories and concepts in Public PolicySlide 1 The role of theories in Public Policy theories provide a parsimonious construct of public policy realities based on a combination of logic and factwhy we have a welfare state different forces involved something about values social policy to create a sense of nation suggestingproviding a construct we simplify reality by creating a construct cannot build a theory unless there is a preset asking the Why question in essay back it up with factual evidence Slide 2theories can be seen as metaphors or models of reality they can be normative or positiveit is a summary of realitypluralism explain what it is Slide 3 Normative vs Positive policy theories normative theories tend to have moral connotations that seek to construct an ideal state of public policy governance human nature is selfish explains individual motivation state is always in our livesExample Marxism has a strong moral undertone loaded with sharp indictment against the prevailing power structures in society and the economy Bound by the forces of survival Slide 4 Positivepositive theories make amoral propositions about the way things are rather than the way they are supposed to be free of moral consideration asks logical and imperial questionsglobalization is changing the nation as we know it explain what is changing example pluralism seeks to understand how different groups in society struggle to capture the state and influence the process and outcome of public policy
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