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Political Science
Blayne Haggart

Monday October 7, 2013 Poli 2Q98 Bureaucracy On Exam Derek – Tragically Hip - has a bad name - we wouldn’t have civilization without Bureaucracy Slide 1: Definition - five elements to bureaucracy: personnel, formal rules, policy instruments, conventions of behavior, and institutions - who gets what, when and how is done in the bureaucracy - personnel o provide services and force rules o hired and promoted based on merit o representative bureaucracy, also want a public service that is representative - formal rule: o services are provided equally to all citizens and enforced the same to everyone o accountability purposed o sometimes come at the offence of efficiency - policy instruments o vast array of tools o citizens wants are met and satisfied o laws are policy instruments o crown cooperation’s are policy instrument o when the gov’t decides to spend money or not o use of taxes o voluntary compliance – staying at a red light even tho there are no cars - conventions of behavior o play out in public sector ethics and values o all public servants treat citizens the same way o divisions of labour o formal rules are part of the conventions of behaviours  who does what o growth of political culture - institutions o regulatory bodies o the things where public servants that actually go to work o the buildings that do not move Slide 2: Max Weber and the “Ideal Type” - german sociologist - likes Marxist - how middle class functioned in society - no financial way society works - power within society - hierarchical structure o one and only one superior o pyramid style o unity of command o ministerial responsibility o still exists in the Canadian public service o becomes difficult to operate - specialization of labor o means the allocation of responsibilities is clear and not ambiguous o what you should and shouldn’t be doing is clear o more efficient because people can focus on one specific job o exists in canada - employment and promotion based merit o used to be patronage based o needed clear and objective tests of merits o exists sort of in Canada o measuring merit is difficult o when hiring people there may be other factors that come into play o sometimes are hiring people who have less qualifications o want merit over patronage - full time employment o Weber was a big fan o The major, sole source of income for the public service o Allows superior to exercise control o No fear of losing their job o No fear of poverty o Workers invest more into their job o Easier to enforce (hierarchical) o Exists in the Canadian civil service but it is eroding - decisions based on impersonal rules o rules had to be applied equally to all citizens o increases public confidence o this exists in Canada for the most part o can make decisions on the public interest - importance of Written Files o put a lot of emphasis on this o have to know what the factors for making a decisions were and why they were made o exists in Canada o ministerial responsibility - bureaucratic employment in separate from the individual bureaucrat’s private life o does not own their position or the rights that come with it o cannot gain any personal gain (except salary and benefits) from their employment o cannot operate with people from your public life for a year (maritime example) o rules against moonlighting o alive and well in Canada - a lot of bureaucracy’s abide by this Slide 3: Classic Theories of administration - Fredrick Taylor & scientific management o How things are organized o Taylor started in a factory o Became more and more concerned with making factories run as efficiently as possible o workers do as little as possible o work can be arranged in an awkward way that human beings could not do it o advocate to breaking down a job to as many component parts as possible  can see this in the assembly line  deskills workers  subway o push public service to be as tailored as you can o doesn’t always exist o completely destroys creativity o does not foster innovation o tends to dehumanize  lose their love for the job - Civil Service Commission o Established in 1908 o Gu
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