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Political Science
Blayne Haggart

Monday October 28 2013 Poli 2Q98: Exploring Alternatives to New Public Management New Public Service and a More Democratic State Slide 1: The Failures of NPM - loss of accountability o given more autonomy to front line workers o don’t know how to deal with everything in their department o the privatization of goods and services o money is not spent efficiently because it is not dealt with directly by the minister - hard to measure productivity o even harder under NPM o many government services have many goals therefore it is hard to measure, see if they are meeting all their goals - loss of flexibility o actual practices have been different o public sector is in a financial vice o pressures from below o control of the gov’t is being strengthened but public service workers are being forced to work along the market principles o public admin is harder to accomplish - failure to provide to the ‘consumer’ o hiring freezes o fewer and fewer people delivering goods o increased pressure on the public sector o declines in the quality of service o can’t really turn a profit while doing a service that the gov’t did o many promises of NPM have yet to be delivered o excluded many citizens from accessing stuff in the public state Slide 2: A New Public Service? - a rejection of NPM o Denhardt & Denhardt  NPS has had a war on public service, public service is a valuable roll  Want to make it more democratic, open to all citizens and reflective of the citizens  Infrastructure  More important than NPM  Steering and rowing - Who owns the boat o Rejection of steering and rowing as a concept, we are forgetting who owns the boat o Should make it more reflective of what citizens want o Craft the direction of the public service as a whole o Should build institutions that provide service to the public o Responsive and reflective to the citizens - Community and civil service o Has its roots here o Interactions between the 2 o Desire and interest of citizens o As the gov’t has new ideas and polices and the public service and take it to the citizens and they can review it and respond o We can rebuild a sense of community o Civil service is a building tool o Give every day citizens input into the government/politics, build better citizens - Public spirit o Justice, participation, deliberation  Justice – intent on promoting justice that makes citizens feel that if there is something that is wrong there is re-rest, link between the citizens and the state  Participation – those who are involved in decision making feel better about the decisions, if there is input from the people who receive it there is better communication  Deliberation – similar pages, they can feel like they have had input in it  Can have more public input Slide 3: A new public service - serve citizens, not customers o where you have the most marketed - seek the public interest - value citizenship over entrepreneurship o can make contributions to society that might not be markedly efficient - think strategically, act democratically o policies and programs o should be achieved through collectiveness o should be debated not imposed - recognize that accountability isn’t simple o don’t need to be attentive to the market o citizenry may have more things than the market o are we making sure ideas are reflected well o should be less about money - serve rather than steer o criticism on rowing v.s steering o should articulate their interests - value people, not just productivity o if you have organizations that are based on collaboration it will be better focused on the community - trust and collaboration among citizens - creation of shared interest and shared responsibility – sense of community - return to Keynesianism – worry more about money - return to more democratic - to the way things were Slide 4: A critical understanding of the state - Marx and the class character of the state o State under capitalism o Manages the affair of the bourgeois o Not a sign of struggle o Maintaining
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