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Political Science
Blayne Haggart

Monday November 11 , 2013 The Executive and the Bureaucracy: accountability and responsibility Slide 1: The Prime Minister & Cabinet - centralized power & a clear hierarchy - collective ministerial responsibility o govern as long as they have the confidence o responsible for all the decision the government makes o must resign if they loose the confidence - cabinet committees o early cabinet committees: ad hoc  specific issue  anytime the government wanted to use a new pp they would strike up a new committee  would make a recommendation to cabinet o Lester Person, 1968  see the start of the cabinet committee that comes about today  got rid of the ad hoc model and created 9  priority and planning committee  central committee of cabinet  a long range long thinking committee  set overall government priorities  long term policy agenda  important because it talks about how the government will spend money o Trudeau  1968  reorganized committees to give cabinet more power  committees were given the permission to make decisions  would make recommendations  cabinet recommendations would be passed by cabinet fast without a debate unless a minister specifically objected o Clark, PEMS  Joe Clark  Got rid of priorities and planning  Replaced it with an inner cabinet of himself and 12 trusted advisers  Became large  Some of the ministers might not be good at their job  Inner cabinet had the seal of approval  The cabinet would meet less frequently  Policy and expenditure management system  Gave greater control over government decisions and made sure it linked with finances  Very easy to be implemented  Trudeau strengthened PEMS  Making sure that cabinet had the money and resources it needed  Cabinet stayed the same for 5 years until Brian Mulroney was elected  Smaller group of people was to be in charge of money  Got rid of PEMS  Brought back P&P  P&P was the superior committee  Saw major revisions  Did become more centralized  Wanted it to be more representative o Kim Campbell  Fewer cabinet committees  Cabinet made more decisions itself o Jean Christen  Had 4 committees  Cabinet was weak compared to the prime minister o Paul Martian  Re-erected P&P  Was to set the agende o Harper  Continuation of Paul Martian  P&P is the central decision making and body of cabinet o Coordinate programs o Allocate resources o Provide a degree of public service o Only members of the ruling party sit on it o Have all changed over time - Goes to cabinet and say this is something I want to do o An electoral issue - Allows them to have day to day control over what happens Slide 2: Ministers - ministers and policy formulation o can be influence by a variety of sources o cabinet approval is based on 2 things  cabinet ministers can bring proposals from their area  always get a say in what goes on in your policy area  ministers can have/give comments before cabinet  this isn’t going to play well in my riding o public policy is messy o coordinating things between themselves o have to come up with a team who are going to champion any policy o look at what the goals of a particular policy is o this is where accountability is determined (what minister is going to be responsible for it) o questions of accountability can get merky set up interdepartmental committees o maintain momentum of any policy o has to make sure all the other departments are on board
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