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Lecture 11

POLI 1P95 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Scottish Nationalism, Scottish People, Progressive Tax

Political Science
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Sanjay Jeram

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Tuesday, February 23, y
Scotland: to the Brink of Independence
-there is no ethnic component to the Scotland nationalist
-Common knowledge that Scotland was a sovereign country, with no contested
-Scotland and the British State (United Kingdom as a sovereign state)
country is defined differently than any other ‘country’ of the world
1707 Act of Union: a ‘marriage of convenience’?
-much to benefit to unify their parliaments
-Scottish elites that were in control; very little contestation from elites
-any evidence before 1707 of national identity in Scotland
- multiple attempts to resist English invasion
-with violence comes identity
-Church of Scotland (the Kirk) - politics were a very elite game; prior to 1707
almost 80% of any kind of healthcare was provided by the church
-both churches (Scotland and British State)
-The Act of Union fostered is a union-state (not nation-state)
Scotland's post union identity
-Scots law-very similar to French and English civil law and common law
-the Kirk-churches did not merge; before the welfare state; did not have
developed welfare state
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