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Lecture 25

POLI 2F12 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Charlottetown Accord, Plurality Voting System, New Approach

Political Science
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Jason Sykes

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POLI 2F12 Sec 01
January 15, 2016
Charlottetown Accord
-Address other problems outside of Quebec
-Meech Lake was to elitist
-Reform way we choose supreme court justices
-Gives more seats in House of Commons to Quebec and Ontario
(Quebec gets 25% of the seats no matter what)
-Reasonable access to housing, food and post secondary
-3 provinces said they were going to have a provincial referendum
-Federal government decided (more or less had their hands tied) to have a
national referendum
-Why it failed
-Too much power to Quebec (concern of English speaking population)
-Aboriginals felt this would constrain self government
-Native women felt this accord would give native men too much power
-Gays and Lesbians felt excluded
-Women’s groups had issues
-Provinces cutting social services
The National Unity Crisis and A New Approach to Quebec Nationalism
-Quebec holds another referendum on sovereignty in 1995
-Liberal PM asked Quebeckers to vote “no” to independence, promising
-After narrow defeat of referendum (50.6% NO and 49.4% YES), federal
government pursues non-constitutional measures to defuse Quebec
-House of Commons set out statement that recognizes Quebec is
di?erent (1996)
-Constitutional Amendment Act
-How to go about changing the constitution
-Needed approval of Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, 2 of the 4
Atlantic provinces and 2 western provinces (Alberta and
Saskatchewan or Manitoba) to make parliamentary change to
-Not a full constitutional law, could be revoted on at any time
-Federal government has less involvement with citizens
-Social housing
-All these have been give to provincial power
-Clarity Act
-Sets out terms a province must satisfy to secede from Canada
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