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Brock University
Popular Culture
Scott Henderson

September 20 , 25 2012th September 20 , 2012 Popular culture is a very important segment of our society. The contemporary scene is holding us up to ourselves to see; it can tell us who we are, and why (Ray Browne) Popular culture is always in process; its meanings can never be identified in the text, for texts are activated, or made meaningful, only in social relations and in intersexual relations (John Fiske) Questions: - Representations of gender in culture - Cultural identity - Aspects of performance - Marketing - Sociology (understanding our culture and our kind) - Understanding technology Jobs: - ‘Creative media cluster’ - In Ontario more than 300,000 work in these fields Emerging jobs: how to use facebook, cultural analyst Apply to what you know (and maybe even love): - We can ask questions of our own engagements with everyday culture - What can I ask about my sports fandom? - Why did the team form? - What is says about the changes in professional sport - Impact of media and new money - Role that fans play September 20 , 25 2012h HISTORY OF POPULAR CULTURES Folk, mass, elite Popular pass time: - Much writing on pop culture tends to ignore popular past times - Focus more on the institutionalized forms Regulation and commercialization: - Park rules - Graffiti - Cable bundle (TV) - Movie admissions - Taxes - Popular culture have long been tied to mass culture (Brown) Technology: th - Culture spreads more rapidly particular in the 19 century and beyond  Quicker spread of media - ‘Culture’ made more accessible  Not just for elites - Folk culture also romanticized as ‘authentic’  Becomes less distinct as culture spreads The medium is the message: - Marshall McLuhan - Content is less important, and has less overall cultural impact then the way it is delivered (the medium) 24 hour news: - News has reached us through various news - Now we are in an era of competing 24 hours news channels vs. social media - Has our desire for ‘immediate’ news altered the content – what i
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