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PCUL 1F92 Lecture Notes - Folklore, Cultural Identity, Dwight Macdonald

Popular Culture
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Scott Henderson

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September 20th, 25th 2012
September 20th, 2012
Popular culture is a very important segment of our society. The contemporary scene is holding us up to
ourselves to see; it can tell us who we are, and why (Ray Browne)
Popular culture is always in process; its meanings can never be identified in the text, for texts are
activated, or made meaningful, only in social relations and in intersexual relations (John Fiske)
- Representations of gender in culture
- Cultural identity
- Aspects of performance
- Marketing
- Sociology (understanding our culture and our kind)
- Understanding technology
- ‘Creative media cluster’
- In Ontario more than 300,000 work in these fields
Emerging jobs: how to use facebook, cultural analyst
Apply to what you know (and maybe even love):
- We can ask questions of our own engagements with everyday culture
- What can I ask about my sports fandom?
- Why did the team form?
- What is says about the changes in professional sport
- Impact of media and new money
- Role that fans play
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