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The Business of Popular Culture

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Popular Culture
Scott Henderson

@¾°¾¾€9½f f°°–ţ€¾f°f¯¯ If O ’¯f¾ n°¯n f€½½fn ½n O Jf¾ n½ °€ f¾f¯n ½n f° 9 °€ f ,f If ¾ŦD O f¾ O °€f°¯€f¾ţ ° °–½ ½n f °¾ O @ °ţ f½n½° f ¾–°¾f¾ O ^–°f¾f¾–°€nf° n f¾ € O un°¯n¾½f¾f 9½ un°¯ O Œ°f°^¯f°ť!°n¾f f ° n°¯¾°½°° °¾½¾°–f¾ °½½fn " O J° fn°¯nnn¯¾ f°n¾f¾½f €f°f°f¾¾f°°¾ f°°– €½½fn ¾¾–°°–If nff¾ n f#¾ ½n –$¾ – ¾©n @ ¾¾¾ °n €¯n°¯n fţ n nf°¯f¾¯f¾ Ŧ,Jţ¾f –¾fn¾ €½½ ¾f¾n¾f°f€¯f¾°–½½f [email protected]° ff° °–f ¾€ °f¾¾€¾ °°– f ¾°f¾ €¯€° nf ° °¾f¾n f ¾f°°°n f ¾ ¾f¾f¯f¾½½f 9½f ¾Ŧ O ^ –¯ff fn ½½f O ‰–f ¾f !¯f¾¾ O  ¾ ff!¾ n¯¯°°¯°f ! O ,f°°–ţf°n f fţf¾½ff €¯n°¯n€°f°nf f 9¯¾ O @ ¾ ¾°¾°f¾¾¯½ ° O f’!½n ¾ ¾f¯ O f°¾¯ °–½½ff¾!f nf¯nIf O u °°Ŵ f¾f €¾ O Jnf°f°¯n f ½n¾¾€½½fn – f°f¾¾€ ¯ J ¾ ,f¾¾ O J ff¾°½¯¾°¯f¾¾n ¾ f°f°€ ^n f½½fn O @ţ½n¾€½½fn € ° €°f¾°¾€ !¯f¾¾ O fn ff°n¾ – €f–¯° ) °¾ O 2f nf½ f¾ ¾n ¾*n¯½¾€f – f €¾nf–½¾f°¾n ¾ţf – °f° €¾nff °¾° n ¯¾ ¾–°€nf° €fn ¾ €€° f ¾ °€½" O @ *½½"ff ½¾¾ţf°f° ½f f¾n°¾¯¾ O f ¾° ¯f° f ¾½°° ¾¯f°° 9½f O 2f°n¾¾–ť*½½fn ¾f¾½ ° n ½½¾ –– f f° ½fn° " O f½n ½½fţ f¾ ¯ f¾–½¾€½½f¾f¾ °¾€ ½n¾ O @ ¾¾€€n fn Ŷ °n – €ff °½½fn ½n ¾ @un°¯¾ O °f°nf O @ n¾ ¾€½n °ţ¾ °ţ½¯ °ţ
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