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Texts and Analysis: Part 3

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Popular Culture
Scott Henderson

PCUL1F92 Section 1: Tuesday, October-25-11 ** Continued from last lecture’s presentation Science of Analysis? • STRUCTURALISM • An attempt to identify codes of representation. • Scientifically, to link them back to human nature – how humans organize the world. • Codes, while present, do not always convey the same message. Semiotics (The heart of what we are doing in Popular Culture Analysis) • Considers these structures with greater relation to culture. • Demonstrates how a culture might organize its communication practices. • Therefore reveals to us much about the organizing culture itself • Its values and ideals that shape representations. • There’s a recognition that there is more going on between the interaction of people and the material things they encounter on a day- to-day basis. o **This could show up on the exam. • The underlying meaning of texts/media does have power, through analysis we can see what wider themes and cultural values are prevalent. **Watch clip of “Casino Royale” (Martin Campbell, 2006) ** - Incorporates parkour and action elements. - Upon analysis, how do these reinforce certain cultural ideals? - Themes in Bond Movies: issues of capitalism and colonialism – the developed world vs. the undeveloped world. - In a chaotic scene in Madagascar, Bond is a source of order. - Western values and order (represented by Bond) take preference over this sort of disorderly world that is Madagascar. - Contrast of man running vs. Bond in the machine chasing him. - Contrast of man timidly climbing crane structure, Bond confidently climbing the outside. - Does show Bond is in trouble, but will reassert Bond’s dominance. - Madagascar-man uses parkour skills to escape. James Bond asserts his masculinity and dominance (breaking through walls). Semiotic Analysis • Codes used to assert the validity of Bond Colonialismthe film Industry, which all share these values. • Codes used to organize specific scene reveal wider cultural themes. • Scene is predictable in relation to a Bond film. • Reinforces ideals around Bond and the action hero. • Also reveal
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