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Popular Culture and Consumption: Fan Cultures

Popular Culture
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Scott Henderson

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PCUL1F92 Section 1: Tuesday, November-15-11
Selling Lifestyle
** Video Advertisement for Apple ‘You’ll see why 1984 won’t be like ‘1984’”
The Example of Apple
Part of the exchange value of a product.
Evident in Pan Am example in its evoking of a past era of glamorous jet
Also trying to evoke popular representations of that era, in shows such
as Mad Men (which itself has successfully sold lifestyle elements).
** Image of Apple logo **
A brand built around notions of lifestyle.
The Apple Image
Originally carved out a niche among ‘creative’ types.
oe.g. capabilities in graphic designs in studios, etc.
A marginal computer brand after initial home computer success.
It has since become a lifestyle icon.
How has this exploded in the last 5 years?
A clearly constructed image for sale.
Notion that lifestyle and image has exchange value.
oBeyond use value.
Denotation vs Connotation
Tied to issues of language – how we use it.
Denotation: The literal or primary meaning; the action or process of
referring to something by means of a word, symbol, etc.
Connotation: The idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its
primary meaning; perhaps through the nature of the chosen sign,
symbol, etc.
oSeen in oral media, film, etc.
oFilm: an image represents an item. e.g. a chair. However using
low angle and shadows now connotes a ‘creepy’ chair.
**Image of a cute puppy** **Image of a violent, scary dog**
Both images denote ‘dogs’, but the connotations are very different.
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