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Popular Culture and Consumption: Fan Cultures

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Popular Culture
Scott Henderson

PCUL1F92 Section 1 Tuesday November1511Selling Lifestyle Video Advertisement for Apple Youll see why 1984 wont be like 1984The Example of AppleLifestylePart of the exchange value of a productEvident in Pan Am example in its evoking of a past era of glamorous jet travelAlso trying to evoke popular representations of that era in shows such as Mad Men which itself has successfully sold lifestyle elementsApple Image of Apple logo A brand built around notions of lifestyleThe Apple ImageOriginally carved out a niche among creative typesoeg capabilities in graphic designs in studios etcA marginal computer brand after initial home computer successIt has since become a lifestyle iconHow has this exploded in the last 5 yearsA clearly constructed image for saleNotion that lifestyle and image has exchange valueoBeyond use valueDenotation vs ConnotationTied to issues of languagehow we use itDenotation The literal or primary meaning the action or process of referring to something by means of a word symbol etcConnotation The idea or feeling that a word invokes in addition to its primary meaning perhaps through the nature of the chosen sign symbol etcoSeen in oral media film etcoFilm an image represents an itemeg a chairHowever using low angle and shadows now connotes a creepy chairDenotationDogImage of a cute puppy Image of a violent scary dogBoth images denote dogs but the connotations are very different
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