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Popular Culture and Consumption, Review

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Popular Culture
Scott Henderson

PCUL1F92 Section 1 Thursday November2411 Exam question between consumption and identityyou can use Pokmon as an exampleOther examples music sportsFrom last classQuantitative vs QualitativeQuantiative approaches assume that we can count or measure reactionsAssumes a direct line between intentions of producers and their uptake by audiencesQualitative ask us to consider the factors that shape those representations and their receptionAddress the nature of sign systemsndAnalysis supported by researchKey to 2 term essaysContinuedPokmon TV ShowHow is the reception structuredWe cant overlook the wider aspects that contribute to agency the educational aspects reading mapping logic etcAt the same time what is deemed educationally valuable is itself something that is culturally producedoeg Other cultures dont necessarily value the same skillsRepetition and FormulaThe show is highly repetitive and formulaicRelates back to what Fiske described about a subject position in televisionoSuch reliability helps to reaffirm the subject position and validate it in the way Fiske suggests LectureoConstant reassurance of agency and identity through consumptionLack of complexity is also evident in the shows animation styleShow Structure Image of Ash Misty and Brock walkinga recurring image Ash Misty and Brock on a questEpisodic structureWorks this way in both the TV show and in the gamesoEverything is ritualizedMakes it both straightforward and complex at the same timeThis helps to shut out adult culture who dont have time to invest in itQuite literally elementaltypes are tied to elements eg Fire water grass etc
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