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Intro to Term 2

Popular Culture
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Scott Henderson

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PCUL1F92 Section 1: Tuesday, January-10-11
Term 2 Essay
Vital that you develop a proper thesis, this is what gives
shape/direction to your essay.
What is your take on the topic?
It needs to be more than a statement of fact.
“a position that is set down for argument”.
a) Statement of Fact/Descriptive Statement – not a thesis!
a. “MP3s are now the established format in popular music.”
b) Thesis/Frames an Option
a. “MP3s, now the established format in popular music, have
altered both the form and content of ‘records’ and the ways in
which people listen, mostly for the better, but perhaps in some
ways for the worse.”
i. Demonstrates critical thinking about the issue.
Library tour/workshop
How to locate appropriate material?
Need to be creative with what you’re doing with your research.
Academic writing takes a long time.
Rarely going to find an exact match for your topic, need to seek out
related approaches.
Related examples will provide ideas, theories and methods that you
can employ to your own example.
Other Material
Academic and non-academic.
Can provide background, history, further examples (depending on your
Primary materials such as promotional websites, advertisements,
packaging, etc.
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