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Published on 14 Apr 2013
Brock University
Week 10 Ability/Disability
Discussion of grading of assignments
I/ Defining disability
II/ Our current context
III/ Advocacy and agency
Main points
Disability can be understood as a social concept
Definitions and categorizations of disability reflect context and power
Definitions and categorizations of disability have social consequences in the lives of
young people
Disability is reframed by some advocates as a source of strength and resistance
I/ Defining Disability
A) A cultural categorization
Diversity in people’s physical and mental ways of being
Through culture we:
-determine what differences between people are important
-categorize certain ways of being as better or worse
-determine what to do with these differences
B)Defining disability against normality
Recall normalization: a term developed by French theorist Michel Foucault to explain how
a particular version of things takes on the appeal as standard, true, or ‘normal.’
What is importantly normal is linked to context and culture historically ( left
handedness was a bad thing, now a days its not)
Potlash (Aboriginal ceremony) Being Banned by the coloinalists
And linked to power Hegemony
C) Effects of Categorizing disability
1) Categories self-fulfilling people that know they have the learning disability they
interpret everything through that lens
2) Categories providing support and political action
- Assistance
- Mobilization
3) Categories providing challenge
- Treated as tragedy
- Not seeing the full person just see the disability not any of the interests
- Stigmatized
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Document Summary

Week 10 ability/disability: discussion of grading of assignments. Diversity in people"s physical and mental ways of being. Categorize certain ways of being as better or worse. Not seeing the full person just see the disability not any of the interests. Stigmatized: effects of categorizing disability, individualizing western civilization really focuses on the individual, individual identity tend to see people as completely unique. 2)individual-focused definition: any restriction or lack (resulting from any impairment) of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being (world health organization, 1976: social model. *winnie the witch : social model proposal. From disability stems from surroundings and contexts (going to lecture hall with stairs in a wheel chair) Need to fix the system, not the person. Biopyschosocial: looks at the whole person in their social context. Universal we all have the chance of being disabled through accident, etc.

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