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Lecture 9

PSYC 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Triune Brain, Scientific American, Prefrontal Cortex

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John Mitterer

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Lecture 9 Experience (L8)
Modules 37, 39-41: Cognition and Intelligence
Back to the Brain
- The triune brain
- reptilian (hindbrain)
- paleomammalian (limbic system)
- neomammalian (cerebral cortex)
- Hot system “go”, simple, reflexive, fast, develops early, accentuated by stress, stimulus control
- Cool system “know”, complex, reflective, slow, develops late, attenuated by stress, self-control
- recognize the power of stimulus control
- Stress: hot system starts to take over and you need more willpower
Stimulus Control
- Piaget decentering
- conservation, balance beam
- Skinner/Pavlov discriminative stimulus, the power of the situation
- Living in the here and now
- Young has to learn how to decenter from hot system and learn cool system
- Maturing into adulthood means learning how to be cool and have control
- Even as adults we can be captured and controlled by a stimulus
- Practice develops Cool system; developing stronger metacognitions; plans or narratives for when we
are in the midst of temptation
- “revenge is a dish best served cold
- you have to practice this
- this quote is important
- means dont get trapped living in the moment all the time, get yourself back on cool grounds before
- recognize power of stress to shift control to the Hot system; eg. Try to stop smoking when stress is low
- scientific America, april 9, 2012 (everyday stress can shut down the brains chief command center
- choking, brain freeze, nerves, jitters, folding, blanking our, the yips
- prefrontal cortex is shut down by stress and amygdala takes over
- chronic stress (especially child abuse) sensitizes the amygdala
- amygdala in brain is reflex
- amygdala is larger in children that have been through abuse and is hypersensitive to abuse
- the amygdala is literally is saying shut down shut down shut down
- compiling knowledge
- intuition (not always correct but not always wrong)
- thin-slicing
- this is more automatic and shuts down amygdala
- complication because there are things you have to focus consciously on to learn (like driving)
- with practice, we get better and better meaning we can do it without effort
- comes with two flavors, like breathing or intuition
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