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Introduction: first lecture- Research Methods

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Brock University
John Mitterer

09152011 CHAPTER ONE Psychology 1F90 Psychology is defined as the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes A Scientific Observation is an empirical investigation structured to answer questions about the world in a systematic and intersubjective fashion observations can be reliably confirmed by multiple observations A Research Method is a systematic approach to answering scientific questionsExamPsychologists use the logic of science to answer questions about behaviour Specific hypotheses can be tested in a variety of ways including controlled experiments naturalistic observation correlational studies clinical studies and the survey method These theories are then revised and reflect the evidence they gather from study Choosing a Research Method y Experimentquasiexperiment Research Method using for Project is y Correlation designs Correlation Design y Tests questionnaires surveys y Case studies y Naturalistic observations Designing Experimentsy If people have been drinking does their ability to play hockey get worse y How can we operationalize the independent and dependent variables y Changing in stats performance after given beer o How many subjectsUsually more than 1My Aunt Marycoincidental examples o Sampling Samples and PopulationRandom vs Biased Samples Keeping all subjects unbiased random subjects eg giving survey through telephones in 1940 where only those with money were able to take partbiased subjects o Control GroupWhat is a confounding factor Doesnt allow for equal or consistent variables mixed up and not enough empirical evidence too many uncontrollable variables y Use DoubleBlind Subjects if not it is a variable factor y Procedural controls different roomsConsidering alternative hypothesis guarding the hypothesis The Complexity of Behaviour y The influence of single variables o Single independent variable CAN influence behaviour o No single variable usually determines behaviour y Experimental Designs Data Analysis o Descriptive Statistics
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