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Lecture 1

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Kathryn Belicki

Lecture 1 April1712 310 PM The earliest relationshipsParentchild relations in infancy and early childhoodsince the 60s70s quality of parentchild relationship is understood to be dependent onchild characteristicsparent characteristicsView prior to 60s70s reflected a unidirectional modelParents would teach kids everything bc kids are spongesBelieved kids didnt contribute to the relationship and just sat back and absorbed ParentChildCurrent view reflects a bidirectional modelboth parent and child contribute to the relationshipsKids bring own characteristics to the relationship which influence parents reactions ParentChild Child characteristicsHow do children influence the parentchild relationshipChildrens genetic makeup influences their temperament through the environment also plays a rolereaction range see textTemperament in turn influence how parents respond to childrenDefinition of temperament SeenctesConceptualized as behavioral styles the early basis of personalityTends to be stable overtimeRelatively pervasiveVarious models of temperament have been proposed each emphasizing different dimensionsWhat we know about temperament ie what are the characteristics of temperament Models of temperamentVarious models of temperament have been proposedOne ex Thomas and Chess 3 temperament typesCharacteristics of these three types lecture and film clipEasy flexible 40Positive to new stimuli adaptive to changeMildmoderate mood usually positiveRegular schedules biological levels
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