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Lecture 3

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Kathryn Belicki

Lecture 3 psychological trauma April1712 444 PM A sampling of recurrent big idea themes and controversies in psychology concerning the nature of humankind this list is not exhaustive The impact of social influence we are social beings Situationism debate ex The impact of cognitive templates assumptions etc we are thinking beings Nature vs Nurture and the debate over biological reductionism we are embodied beings who are particularly sensitive to experience especially early experience Everything is reduced to biology Experience also in intrauterine in womb Idiographic vs nomothetic approaches just how unique are we as individuals uniqueness universal principles The goodness or lack thereof of human nature and the place of moral values in psychology Limits to self knowledge and the extent to which we have a dynamic unconscious mind Society has a tendency to stay to the right favor the right side Free will vs determinism Science believes in randomness no room for free will The irreducible complexity of the determinants of human behavior All of these are illustrated in the study of trauma and stress Eg Debates concerning the goodness of humanity Issue of value labels in psychology Evidence from interpersonal and societal conflict Defintions what makes trauma traumatic Events vs experience People can experience the same event yet have a different reaction experience to that similar event Types of traumatic events Events that disrupt social bonds usually are the most traumatic Betrayal of a trustedloved one First the bad news INegative outcomes from traumaPTSD post traumatic stress disorder Intrusive recall Avoidance and numbing avoid traumatic situation numbing emotions Hyper arousal A negative circle cycle PTSS post traumatic stress symptoms Includes everything included in PTSD Depression Anxiety Anger
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