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Lecture 2

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Kathryn Belicki

Lecture 2 April1712 357 PM Model of relationships in middle and older adulthood attachment theory What does attachment mean in adulthood Can be assessed in a number of ways later in life Adult attachment interview AAI Mary Main Questionnaire formats Adult attachment interview AAI Attempts to assess an adults internal working model of relationships Interview focuses on childhood experiences with attachment figures Not scored on the content of participants answers ie What they say but rather the way the content is articulated is How they say it AAI classification categories Secure Value attachment Objective about childhood experiences Speak coherently openly objectively Dismissive Claims to strength and independence Limit the impact of attachment relationships Preoccupied enmeshed Appear confused angry overwhelmed Stories may be inconsistentunconvincingly analytical Questionnaire formats adult attachment styles Avoidance and anxiety are the primary dimensions assessed Low avoidance SecurePreoccupied Low anxiety High anxiety Dismissingavoidantfearfulavoidant High avoidance Stability of attachment over time Is attachment stable over time Results of research concerning stability of attachment from childhood to adulthood Stability across partners eg parents romantic Small to moderate degree of overlap in the security felt w different partners correlations0205
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