PSYC 1F90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Hypnagogia, Gesture, Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

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18 Feb 2016
PART III: Personality - We Are Each Uniquely
Sleep and Dreams
Why are Sleep & Dreams worth studying?
Common phrases associated with sleep and dreams:
o"fell asleep"
o"just a dream"
These all suggest that dreaming is something simple, and uneventful
We spend 1/3 of our life asleep. It is a huge part of our life, wo why
WOULDN’T we study it!
It is an extremely active period for the brain, but also a very dangerous time.
Most people die in their sleep.
oEx. Babies die in their sleep, the elderly, etc.
Dreams are yours, and can be extremely signi8cant.
oThey hold a mirror up to who you are
oDreams happen in sleep so a good understanding of sleep is needed.
Tour of sleep
What do we measure to study sleep?
EEG (electroencephalogram) - electrical activity
Frequency and amplitude
Frequency: the number of waveforms that occur in a period of time
Amplitude: the height from lowest to highest point in waveform
Neurons: sells creatures they are living! They work, rest, living communities,
electrical, chemical, magnetic, there are billions and billions of them, a mini
universe of them.
oHow do frequencies and amplitude relate? Revisiting the neuron…
High capital F and low A = Constant buzz
Low F and High A = highs and lows, like coordinated singing
EOG (electrooculogram)
Measuring on movement/activity
EMG (electromyogram)
Asked broad questions" what is going through your mind"
Woken up and asked at various levels of sleep
Dreaming the whole time
Don't remember eight hours of cognition
Stage 1 (Non– REM or NREM)
Physiological characteristics
oSlowing, looks a lot like an awake brain, slightly higher amplitude
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