PSYC 1F90 Lecture 13: Treatment of Psychological Problems

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28 Mar 2016

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PSYC 1F90: Introduction to Psychology
Lecture 14 – Treatment of Psychological Problems
Monday, March 28th, 2016
Building and Restoring Resilience
Strengthening and reforming the ways in which people cope
The Use of Medications to Treat Psychological Problems
Increase in medication use
Canadian 2002 – 2006 statistics:
Prescription of antidepressant increased 12%
Prescription of antianxiety increased 16%
Prescription of antipsychotics increased 35%
General benefits:
Help some people (amount of help varies)
General downsides:
Actual efficacy is unknown
Many studies do not use psychotherapy or exercise comparison groups
Differences within placebos (active vs. passive)
Driven by drug companies that fund for the research
Physical side effects
Unpleasant and damaging (in previous notes)
Psychological side effects
Less able to cope with future difficulties
People have a habit of defining and redefining themselves as “sick” (doesn’t build
The Psychotherapy Option
Video clips on types of psychotherapy
Defining characteristics of each of the following:
Exploring feelings and past experiences
Believe that people are on a continual process of growth and development
Facilitate self-understanding, self-awareness, and self-growth
Cognitive Behavioural
Self-defeating patterns are identified and new patterns are learned
Working together with the client (collaborative)
Biological and emotional states are all connected (behaviours, thoughts, emotions,
What makes for effective psychotherapy?
Well-trained therapist
How the client feels about the therapist (relationship)
The clients belief that therapy will work and be beneficial
Specific protocols for certain symptoms
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find more resources at
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