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Martin Kusy

Sociology Chapter 19HealthMedicine Healthaccording to the World Health Organization is the ability of an individual to reach his or her potential and to respond positively to changes in the environment Jeanne Louise CalmentFrench woman died at 122 More than half a billion people in 32 countries most in subsaharan Africa have a life expectancy less than 50 years The social causes of illness and death 3 types of social causes Humanenvironmental factors Divisons like social class occupation and nationality Environmental racism is the tendancy to heap environmental dangers on the disadvantagednorth example of dumping and inuit mothers having 10 times more contaminated breastmilk Lifestyle factors Smoking alcoholdrugs poor diet no exercise social isolation are among the factors associated with poor health and premature death Unmarried people have a greater chance of dying prematurely than do married people because of social isolation Factors related to the public health and health care systems nations health depends partly on public health system and private efforts to improve peoples well being and treat their illnesses Health care system is composed of a nations clinics hospitals and other facilities for ensuring health and treating illness Country of Residence HIVAids is the leading cause of death in the poverty stricken part of Africa 5 of adult population are living with HIVAids while 06 North American adults have it and 03 of western Europeans have it There is a positive association between national wealth and good health Infant Mortality is the number of deaths before the age of one for every 1000 live births in a population in one year People with low income die at a younger age than do people with high income poverty is also associated with high rates of tobacco and alcohol consumption obesity physical inactivity and violence Why does health deteriorate as we move down the class hierarchy
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