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1Lecture 30Psychotherapy Part ICan we change our defining characteristic and the answer to that is yesAs a whole or a group after a certain amount of time you will naturally gain or lose characteristics naturally become more conscious more emotionally stable etc as we agePeople want to know if they can change if they make a deliberate effort to change and the answer is yes psychotherapy does work by reading psychology books meeting a therapists they will succeed cope better with their problems and stress etcAs part of psychotherapist studies they must have a theory of personality of how people work fi your going to have an idea of how and what depresses themSeries of personality change are based on a more basic theory of personalityOne very prominent theory of change mechanisms is Freudian psychoanalysisFreud changed how we saw ourselves prior to Freud we though of ourselves of masters of our own experiences that consciousness is primary but Freud said that we may be captains of our own ship but only a fool goes on board of a ship and does not take into account the ocean the unconscious ocean that we sit on is really what tells us where we go as peopleEarly childhood is important the ideas of conflict anxiety all of Freuds ideasCore concepts is the idea of conflict one of the things that Freud captured in his thinking is the idea that humans are conflicted we are often ambivalent about things our choices are not often clear cut competing motives that determine how and what we do Conflict to Freud was anxiety being that the egos inability to keep control of things when the ego starts to think I cant control the id and superego there is experience of anxiety and persistent inability to manage the anxiety leads to symptoms what Freud calls neurosispersistent anxiety and manifestation in daily lifeWide range of defence mechanisms to protect ourselves from anxiety but they dont always work cannot withstand magnitude of anxietyFreud also had theories of development at the heart of Freudian thinking was a developmental theory how personality was built over infancy and childhood sequence of stages how personality was put together we all move
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