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Cathy Mondloch

PSYC 2P12 February 28 Gardner: Multiple Intelligences Sternberg: 3 Types of Intelligence - Analytical - Creative - Practical Extrinsic/Intrinsic - They want to learn - Later on: kids are still motivated to do things (i.e. videogames and iPods) - Why is it that they start to be come disinterested in school? o Intrinsic:  when children are initially interested in learned; self-driven  Once children are in school, they start using rewards, not because the book is interesting, but in order to encourage learning  As soon as you start to reward, extrinsic goals begin to takeover intrinsic goals  “May not love this but you need A to get to B” motivation; doing it for yourself o Extrinsic: Rewards  Shift from intrinsic to extrinsic  Leading to a lack of interest  What are the extrinsic awards that we get form learning? o Grades, diploma, scholarships, honor roll  Personal growth- development of intellect and understanding  Meeting people- developing your social network o When you look at different types of intelligent, all students seem to do better o Might make the tasks more intrinsically motivated, and it might improve their performance What we’ve seen... - Cognitive development o working memory; executive functioning - Social
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