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Cathy Mondloch

2P12 March 12 Early Adulthood: - Career (at least for men) o By the time you were an adult, you have a job and were financially independent - Marriage o By 20 (for women) and 23 (for men) you were married and very soon after that, you had a child, which made people think you were an adult - Children Emerging Adulthood: Contributing Factors - Rise in the age of marriage (and parenthood) o Birth control pills o Changes in sexual morality  Before the ‘70s, the general rule of thumb was that you don’t have sex until you’re married  Present: It’s generally accepted that people in long term relationships will have sex before marriage, “as long as it isn’t too early” or “as long as you don’t have too many partners”, etc.  This has delayed marriage in many people o More years of higher education  Changing economy, higher education is needed to get a good, stable job  In North America, 2/3 have a university/college degree o Of those, 1/3 will have a post-grad degree o Meaning and value of adult roles  People in their 20s today, people have a different sense in meaning and value of adulthood  Cohort effects  Past: Marriage + home + children = accomplishment o Because many of the older generation had gone through war/depression, so having marriage, home and children would seem to be a huge accomplishment  Present: Marriage + home + children = perils to be avoided o “Yes but not yet” o Young people today see marriage, home and children as being “stuck”  Without those commitments, you can travel, date, express your freedom o Changing roles of women  Past: women were much less likely to get a higher education; women worked, but it was temporary because their purpose was to have children  Present: women desire education, careers and their freedom - Moratorium o Allowing people time to do what Erikson thought people should do as
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