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april 2 PSYC 2P12

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Cathy Mondloch

PSYC 2P12 April 2 Integrity vs. Despair th - Erikson’s 8 stage of development - “it’s too late”, “I messed up”, “I’m out of time” Ego-integrity vs. Despair - Tasks: o Look back, take what we see and use it to define ourselves  Types of reflecting:  simple recall o basic recall, surface level  reminiscence o emotional recall, little deeper  evaluative o thinking of past in terms of development with emotion and recognizing how it plays into your present identity o Accept into present identity, creating a new identity that encompasses the past and present - Depends on earlier resolution o “The fruit of the seven stage gradually ripens” (Erikson, 1968) - Failure to accept oneself can lead into despair Life Review: Potential Benefits - New meaning to life- integration - Strategies for dealing with current problems - Family reconciliation o Reevaluating decisions that lead to family rift in the past, deciding whether or not it’s still important - Life story continues after death o Their life will carry on through their children, through what they taught and left behind Potential Risks of Life Reviews - Looking back and realizing that your life lacked meaning - Rumination may lead to depression, poor life view - Reflection without hope, pride Social Relationships in Late Adulthood - Trying to remain connected to the outside world o Physical inabilities, feeling like a burden, lack of social relationships (i.e. no spouse, children, etc.), illness, o Social isolation is related to poor quality of life - Social convoy provides lifelong support: o A group of supportive, helpful people surround you, where you can go when you’re not doing well - Social changes in aging o The older you get, the more you restrict your interactions with people who are very close to you, and lose touch with people who you’re less close with o Older people have a narrower range of diversity of people they interact with; maximizing positive interactions and validating self  These people have their best interest in mind, are forgiving and more accepting of them o Increase important of interaction for emotion regulation  Range of emotion is greater as people age (they cry easier, get angry or frustrated easily, etc.) Age-Related Changes - Primary aging o Normal o Everyone goes through, as a function of living for so many year (wear and tear, gradual cell death, exposure to the environment) o Difficult to change - Normal changes: o Eyes:  Poor vision (near-sighted, poor focus), cataracts o Ears:  Hearing loss, less ability to
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