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Lecture 9

PSYC 2P25 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Big Five Personality Traits, Jazz Fusion, Trait Theory

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Michael Ashton

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Lecture 9 March 7, 2016
Personality and Marital Satisfaction
How does a person’s marital satisfaction relate to
o His or her own personality?
o His or her spouses personality
But first..
Are spouses similar or opposite in personality?
For most characteristics, neither:
o Husband /wife rs=0 for most personality traits (e.g. Watson, 2004)
But recently, McCrae et al. (2008) found some weak similarity between spouses for Openness to
Experience and for some traits related to Honesty-Humility
Two studies of Big Five personality traits and marital satisfaction:
o Watson et al. (2004) almost 300 couples
o Botwin et al. (1997) over 200 couples
o Both studies gave similar results:
People who had higher levels of Big Five Agreeableness and Emotional Stability
(a combination similar to HEXACO Agreeableness)
Tended to have higher marital satisfaction (rs > .30)
Same characteristics also predict spouse’s marital satisfaction (rs = .30)
Which indicates that patient, agreeableness people do tend to have better marriages not merely
satisfied more easily (which they are).
Related question: Does similarity (or dissimilarity?) of spouses’ personalities predict a happier
Maybe not: Watson et al. found zero relation with marital satisfaction
But Rammstedt et al (2013) found that spouses similar in Openness where somewhat more
likely to stay together than were spouses dissimilar in Openness.
Friends tend to be somewhat similar in Openness and in Honesty-Humility (high and high or low
and low)
But Honesty-Humility hasn’t yet been studied in married couples will similarity predict
marital satisfaction or stability?
Personality and Criminal Arrest
Samuels et al. (2004): compared current personality trait levels of persons previously arrested
(N=79) and persons not previously arrested (N=532)
Compared with non-arrested persons, those arrested were less compliant, less even-tempered
(lower A)
Less careful, more impulsive (Lower C)
Less sincere, less modest (Lower H)
(Differences medium-sized, = .5 SD units (Not a huge difference))
Personality and Music Preferences
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