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Lecture 8

PSYC 2P35 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Commer, Lepromatous Leprosy, Apraxia

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Dawn Good

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Frontal lobes
-primary – sensation = Gustation (taste) – ipsilateral
-secondary – perception =interpretation of taste with olfactory input
-Primary – motoric = motor functions of the homunculus
-localized for all skeletal body parts, with more tissue dedicated to more “overworked”
(ex. the thumb, the lips, and vocal chords etc)
-primary motor cortex is specialized (has more dedication to certain muscles in the body)
-Secondary – coordinates = sequences, organizes and coordinates the muscles
-responsible for speech production, writing production, apraxias
-Tertiary – complex associations
-coordinates, organizes, sequences
-complex abilities of planning, problem solving, attention/awareness
-integration of self and world –through inhibition/management/control of cortex
-behavioural/emotional/social expression/interpretation – ex. empathy, social cognition,
the “who” we are (ex. often what we mean by personality) –starts at age 4
Halloween Lecture
-full moon; total phase (new + full moon)
Symptoms (7 areas):
-assaults, criminal offences
-suicides and self harm
-psychiatric emergencies and disturbances
-psychiatric admissions
-crisis calls and suicide prevention calls
-“other” – traffic accident, fire alarms, ambulance runs, unruly behaviour
-Meta analysis: 1% variance accounted for (37 studies)
-direct correlation between full moon and criminal offenses
-for new+full moon (total moon): increase in psychiatric emergencies and disturbances,
psychiatric admissions and crisis/suicide prevention calls
-may be due to gravitational pull of moon; hormone and metabolism gets out of synch
-other argument is more about convenience: the full moon affect : it’s your night light.. so we
notice things more even though they may be happening all the time
-for criminals-it’s their flashlight
Werewolves (wer-man = manwolf)
-first recorded case = Peter Stubbe (1591)
-said he made deal with devil and when he put a belt on, he turned into a wolf
-had no problem admitting to killing - in 1591 he began doing it to humans
-was caught killing 16 people; so the people tied him to a wheel and ripped his flesh off using
red hot pincers and stabbed him; then decapitated him and put it on a post for everyone to see.
-since 1965, 60 cases of werewolves have been documented north America
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