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Lecture 15

PSYC 3F20 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Dsm-5, Prefrontal Cortex

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Psyc 3F20 Lecture 15:
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
DSM-5 Criteria (6 years and older)
-exposure to threatened eath, serious injury, or sexual violence
in one or more of the following ways
1. Direct experience
2. Witnessing
3. learning that the traumatic event occurred t a close family
member or close friend
4. Experiencing related or extreme exposure to aversive details
of traumatic events
-does not include: receiving images, movies, reading the internet
-includes: /rst responders of a traumatic experience, ex.
Volunteers to gather bodies of plane crash
PTSD (DSM-5): Intrusion Symptoms
-rescence of one or more of the following symptoms:
-not having control about how the trauma reminds you,
involuntary dreams or memorie
PTSD (DSM-5) Avoidance Symptoms:
-persistent avoidance of stimuli associated with traumatic event,
evidenced by one or both of the following:
-avoiding memories or thoughts about trauma or avoiding
external reminders that bring memories or thoughts
PTSD (DSM-5) Negative alterations in cognitions and mood
-negative alterations in cognitions and mood associated with the
traumatic event, evidenced by 2 of the following:
-brings upon negative emotions and thoughts about one self, the
world, or others
PTSD Etiology
Generalized psychological vulnerability is when the individual
experiences the trauma
The true alarm is the basic emotions that are created during the
Then the true alarm become learned alarms because they are
used at cues for stressful situation
Then the indiviudals uses anxious apprehension and avoids
situations bringing these learned alarms
PTSD: Neurobiology of Fear Conditioning
In response to faces expressing negative a7ect or trauma-related
-ex. Angry face
-individuals with PTSD showed more activity in amygdala
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