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D Molnar

June 16 2014Stress the conceptDespite increased standard of living and reduced mortality over time do we still experience the same amount of stressWe are living longer than we ever haveDo we have differentless stressThis exemplifies the point that stress is how we perceive it and it comes in many forms Were going to be looking at how stress has changed over timeDifferentiate stress from stressors The concept has been popularized recently in such a way that a cure for stress is neededStress can have positive outcomesThere is no cure for stressmany commercial products claim there isTo be stressed is to be aliveWhen people have no stress in their lives they become boredCures for stress includeAroma therapy there are some supportive researchReflexologyHerbal supplementsAcupunctureAll without scientific meritWhat is stressStress a negative emotional experience accompanied by predictable biochemical physiological cognitive and behavioral changes that are directed either toward altering the stressful event or accommodating its effectCommon stressor for women is getting marriedActual stress experience is negative Putting constraints such as amount of family delegatingsplitting affiliate to alter stressful eventsCognitive restructuring agree to mom for calling an aunt you dont like meditation relaxation techniques to accommodate stressful eventsThere are some commonology but not everyone experiences stress the sameWhat are stressors and what is strainStressor a specific problem issue challenge personal conflict Externalinternalbeing a leafs fan traffic noise rock music crowding perfectionism internal stressor
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