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Brock University
Recreation and Leisure Studies
Richard Brown

Brock University Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies RECL 4F15 Program Evaluation in Professional Practice Class Schedule:Tuesdays 2pm-5pm, TH 259 Instructor: Janet Zanutto Office Hours: South Academic Block 353 Wednesdays 9:30am -11:30am and by appointment 905-688-5550 ext. 4531, [email protected] Course Description: Program evaluation and needs assessment in planning, managing, and administering delivery of leisure services and programs. Theory integrated with professional development and practical experiences through fieldwork in recreation and leisure organizations. Restriction: Open to RECL majors with a minimum of 13.5 overall credits (Note: Students completing their degree in Tourism Studies are also eligible to enrol in RECL 4F15 as a course equivalent to TOUR 3F95 or TOUR 3P95). Please note: Last day for course withdrawal without academic penalty is January 18 , 2013. Additional Course Fees: $50 materials fee is included in the regular course fee. NOTE: All International Students must apply for a Work Permit from the Office of International Services prior to starting their fieldwork placements. Required Reading: As outlined in lecture and Sakai. No textbook required. Course Technology: A large portion of this course will necessitate the use of a computer to use PowerPoint, access the internet and participate in online workshops. Students will also be required to access Sakai and their Brock email account. Only emails from your Brock account will be acknowledged by the Instructor. As a Course participant, you are expected to: 1) Attend and participate in all classroom-based activities. 2) Complete at least 100 hours of service at an instructor-approved fieldwork placement site. 3) Complete all documentation associated with the fieldwork placement process by the dates indicated by instructor. 4) Secure the transportation necessary to fulfill your placement obligations. 5) Submit all work legibly (12 pt font, typed, etc.) and properly APA referenced. 6) Act in a professional and disciplined fashion in all placement agencies and in the classroom. 7) Respect the values, opinions and thoughts of staff, faculty, agency supervisors and fellow students. Course Objectives: 1) Develop an increased understanding of the organizational behaviour, management and program facilitation in various recreation and community service agencies. 2) Enhance practical and applicable skills in recognizing personal skill sets and pursuing career opportunities in recreation and leisure. 3) Define what is meant by evaluative research and the scientific inquiry process. RECL 4F15 2 of 9 Fall/Winter 2012/2013 4) Discuss ethical and political issues surrounding evaluative research conducted in recreation, community, and sport/fitness settings. 5) Explain differences between quantitative and qualitative frameworks that can be used in needs assessments and leisure program evaluation. 6) Write evaluation questions and objectives and justify the need for program evaluation. 7) Identify the strengths and weaknesses of data collection tools used in quantitative and qualitative studies. 8) Craft an evaluation proposal, implement the evaluation and prepare a final evaluation report. 9) Discuss various program outcome measures that can be used in evaluating a recreation program. Course Evaluation: Assignments % of Final Grade Due Date Participation & Administrative Tasks 10% on-going Resume & Cover Letter complete/incomplete September 18 , 2012 Evaluation Outline 5% October 23 , 2012 Mid-term Performance Assessment 5% November 20 , 2012 th Evaluation Prospectus 10% November 20 , 2012 Portfolio 20% February 12 , 2013 Academic Poster & Presentation 15% March 12 , 2013 Evaluation Report 25% March 26 , 2013 Final Performance Assessment 10% March 26 , 2013 RECL 4F15 Assignments PLEASE NOTE: The following section provides a general overview of each assignment associated with the course. Actual assignment content, timelines and expectations will be confirmed in class and/or on Sakai. Cover Letter & Resume (Complete/Incomplete) All students will submit a cover letter and resume with a list of 3 or more references to a current recreation (outdoor, community, inclusive and therapeutic) job posting. The posting must be for a job with an active closing date (i.e., A job posting for a sport tourism coordinator with a closing date of August 30 , 2012 is not permitted). This assignment will be marked as Complete or Incomplete. The student must then revise the assignment according to the instructors written feedback and resubmit, with original copy for reference, as part of the Portfolio assignment. If assignment is not modified to reflect instructor feedback, or original assignment is not included with portfolio, the student will receive 0 points for this section of the Portfolio assignment. Refer to lecture content and grading rubric for complete information on assignment content and expectations.RECL 4F15 3 of 9 Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Evaluation Outline (5%) Students will submit a brief (approx. 1-2 page) outline of the evaluation project that they intend to carry out during their fieldwork placement. The outline should clearly identify the intent of the evaluation project or a research question, intended methods of data collection and tentative timeline. Once the outline has been returned, the student must use the instructors written feedback to craft the Evaluation Prospectus. The original copy of the Outline must be resubmitted as part of the Appendices of the Prospectus assignment. If the original Outline is not included with the Prospectus, the student will receive 0 points for this section of the Prospectus assignment. Refer to lecture content and grading rubric for complete information on assignment content and expectations. The Outline must be signed and approved by the Fieldwork Placement Supervisor to be submitted. Mid-term (5%) & Final Performance Assessments (10%) A mid-term performance assessment form will be filled out by your fieldwork supervisor and reviewed by both the student and the super
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