RECL 1P03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Mind Map, List Of Concept- And Mind-Mapping Software, Cosplay

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Module 2 - Leisure Lifestyles, Stress and Coping
Required Reading:
Chapter 8, 9, 10, 11 from the text.
Additional Required Reading & Activity: Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale:
Module Overview:
Exploring Leisure Lifestyles: Serious, Casual and Project Based Leisure (Stebbins)
Helpful Examples of Leisure Mind Maps
Leisure and Coping with Stress
Leisure AS Stress Relief
Leisure and Mindfulness
Managing Stress and Resources available at Brock
Leisure Lifestyles and the Serious Leisure Perspective?
In our last module we ended with the example of ‘cosplay as a form of play connected to fan
culture that people of all ages participate in. We can also use this example to talk about what
leisure theorist Robert Stebbins has called ‘serious leisure’, or the serious leisure perspective. His
theory categorizes people’s leisure pursuits based on their level of investment and commitment.
He proposed that one’s investment in different leisure pursuits might exist on a sort of spectrum
or scale. He classified leisure as either; ‘casual’, ‘project based’ or ‘serious’ (also outlined on
page 5-6 of your text).
Here are some very informative mind maps that outline, map and visual present the serious
leisure perspective: (I have also saved this image file in the resources folder, under Module 2 so
that you can open it and zoom in on the details of this map)
Casual Leisure: Casual leisure is like it sounds short lived, pleasurable, no special training
Project Based Leisure: Project based leisure may also be temporary or short term like casual,
but is often a one-time activity that requires a lot of energy and attention.
Serious Leisure: Whereas serious leisure is considered to be a ‘systematic’ pursuit and takes the
form of 3 roles: the amateur, the hobbyist and the volunteer.
In this example a student has mapped all of their leisure pursuits according to the serious leisure
perspective and classified each:
Reflective Activity and Mind Mapping Practice: take 10-15 minutes to make a map of your own
leisure. What forms of leisure do you engage in that might be considered:
find more resources at
find more resources at
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