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Caroline Starrs

Science and Society 1: Lecture 1 September 12, 2012 Environmental Science: systematic study of the environment and our place in it incorporates all the disciplines of sciences (Nature, Technology and Culture) Establish how the natural world functions and to identify, understand and solving some of the problems Environment = all biotic (living) and abiotic (physical and chemical) –humans and energy from the sun Our built environment -structures human created living centres -social relationships and institutions Ecology: Ernest Haekel 1869 Study of interrelationships amoung organisms and their environment- a lot what human do have an impact on the environment and the species that live within it. Affect one species affect more species impacting alternative species and environments. Derived from the greek “oikos” = “home” hence ecology is the study of home life organisms Environmentalism - influencing attitudes and policies that affect our environment (political action directed at those in power eg. Bring in new legislation) Environmental Science vs Environmentalism Environmental science- use of scientific methods to study processes and systems in the environ Environmentalism- working to influence attitudes and policies that affect our environment Can the Gulf Survive? Barrels of oil being spilled in the gulf of Mexico, trying to burn and use dispersense to break up the crude oil clumps reaching the surface. Had small droplets of oil and small species are able to ingest the oil and through the food chain be exposed to large amounts of oil. Main experts and what they say about initial research and the measures they are taking July 15 2010 15 days oils spewing in Mexico over 2 million gallons a day, BP American quarters, to cap the well, Engineers monitor over a dozen live fields beneath the floor, Use of robotic submarines 86 days oil flowing in the gulf of Mexico over four million barrels spewed into the water BP only collected 800,000 barrels. Wes tunnel: fear no one studied before, Ed Markey: autopsy on the Gulf of Mexico, 62.7 billion $ gas sucked to the surface looking for untapped oil, April 20, 2010, Ed markey: oil companies said they were experts and trust them Dr Charles Perrow: under water drilling very risky and can have grave consequences Dr. Marcia mcnullit: everything may be okay at the bottom, major problem from the major depth crude oil was being extracted Tim Dickinson said they were prepared for respond if there was a broad emergency, no solution if there was an oil spill truth is their making it up as they are going along forced to improvise, last thing they wanted were images of oil Kent wells: respond to the situation of the oil spills first to improvise… testing out solutions after incident has happened instead of before Flow of 5,000 barrels a day by federal – bp figure most likely Ed markey: bp liable for each barrel leaked into the ocean 4300/ ba
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