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Science and Society I

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Caroline Starrs

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Dr. Caroline Sta1s Science 1P50 Lecture September 23/11 Rachel Carson • Silent Spring (book) 1962 • Chemical Control • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) • Silent Spring ○ And No Birds Sing  DDT moto • DDT is good for me-e-e  University sprayed a tree with DDT (Results found) • Needless Havoc ○ Department of Argricultire, IL  1954-1961 • Dieldrin ○ 50 times more toxic then DDT ○ Got in food chain – animals died • 12 of the most toxic agents later banned or strictly controlled Tragedy of the Commons • Garrett Hardin (1916-2003) ○ Ecologist ○ Global Commons  Showed by people on the planet ○ “…what is common to the greatest number of people gets the least amount of care…” ○ Him and his wife got ill and committed suicide – 2003  Decided that they were no longer productive to society and committed sucidied in 2003 ○ The “tragedy of the commons” emerges whenever the benefits to an individual of (over-) exploiting on common resources exceed that individuals share of the resultsing damage costs Dr. Caroline Stasr Origins of Commons • All farmers have access to enclosed “commons” Common Property Characteristics • Common Property ○ Ability to control access to resourc
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