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Week 11+12

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Caroline Starrs

Solar energy Passive solar energy the most common way to harness solar energy buildings are designed to maximize direct absorption of sunlight in winter and keep cool in summer Active solar energy collection uses technology to focus move or store solar energy solar energy has been used for hundreds of yearsPhotovoltaic cells generate electricity directly Photovoltaic cells collect sunlight and concert it into electrical energy Photovoltaic photoelectric effect occurs when light strikes one of a pair or metal plates in a PV cell causing the release of electrons creating an electric currentConcentrating solar rays Power tower mirrors concentrate sunlight onto receivers to create electricity SolarTrough collection systems mirrors focus sunlight on oil in troughsWind Wind turbines devices that harness power from wind windmills have been used for 800 years to pump water to drain wetlands and irrigate craps and to grind grain into flour The largest wind power producer in Canada is the Le Nordais project in the Gasp Penninsula today wind power produces electricity for nearly the same price as conventional sourcesModern wind turbines higher is better to minimise turbulence and maximise wind speed turbines rotate in response to wind direction doubled wind velocity results in an eightfold increase in power output wind is the fastestgrowing energy sector wind power grew 26 per year globally between 2000 and 2008 only a very small portion of this resource is currently being tapped In Canada wind power could meet 15 of the nations electrical needsOffshore and highelevation sites can be promising wind speeds are 20 greater over water than over land there is less air turbulence over water than landWind power disadvantages we have no control over when wind will occur companies have to invest a lot of research before building a costly wind farm good wing sources are not always near population centres the needs energy when wind farms are proposed near population centers local residents often oppose them
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