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Caroline Starrs

October 30 , 2012 THE GLOBALIZATION TRIOLOGY; PART 3: BITTER SEEDS -About farmers in India -1/2 the world’s population are farmers; never faced as deep a crisis as now India has world’s largest farmer community -1/4 million committed suicide last year (1 every 30 minutes) -Vidarbha, cotton-growing region in India—Telung Takli -Jai Bt Seeds (Bt= type of genetic modification) They tell people their income will increase, no bugs, etc… They say cure is acetone and detergent powder -For milleniums, this place planted their own cotton -in 1970s hybrid seeds introduced but cost a lot -in 2002, genetically modified Bt plants introduced -Farmer dude decided to plant a genetically modified Bt plant -Manjusha’s dad passed away by committing suicide -80% of the farmers can’t get bank loans therefore have to go to money lenders who charge extra interest at higher rates illegally -Only genetically modified bt cotton seeds sold in shops and like hybrids, they are non-renewable -Leading is Bt seller -Start with own hybrid seeds and insert Monsanto’s Bt technology -Krishidan Building Saying they should thank Monsanto -Bt cotton produce high productivity versus non-Bt cotton -Bolgard II -Over 90% Indians pay a royalty to Monsanto per year -Conventional seeds have no supply -Farmers saying costs increased but income didn’t -Spend about 100000 on acre and Bt not give yield accordingly -Trusted company and sewed Bt b/c farmers have no choice -Must give dowry for daughter therefore burden November 1 , 2012 -Spraying not help the plants -Seeds more expensive, have to p
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