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Lecture 1

SCIE 1P51 Lecture 1: Cloning - SCIE 1P51

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Brock University
Caroline Starrs

Cloning Topic reading Brave new genome Seminar Reading Artificial cloning of Domestic Animals What is exact cloning? Exact copy Twins?? o Natural Cloning in laboratory is artificial, and there are some methods that are more genuine than others History of Cloning Hans Driesch 1890s o Isolated Sea Urchin Embryo cells He pulled apart the cells from one another to make identical animals o Grew to Sea Urchins Hans Spemann (1938) o Used salamander embryo o Also pulled apart the cells using some sort of method. o Found that if you dont feed the cells and make them very cold, no freezing, you can safely pull apart the cell and not damage them Cloning 4 main types of cloning o Molecular cloning o Cellular cloning To grow identical cells, e.g., identical skin cells o Embryo twining Pulling apart the embryo and getting identical embryos, not always successful o Nuclear Somatic Transfer True cloning Molecular Cloning Making copies of single molecules E.g., making human insulin in other organisms Cellular Cloning Make copies of cells to establish cell lines Used to make human tissue skin, heart, etc can 3D print, not always successful
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