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Lecture 4

SCIE 1P51 Lecture 4: January-29th-lec - SCIE 1P51

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Caroline Starrs

th January 29 Project Mix Philip Morris published 4 articles in the journal of food and toxicology in 2002 They concluded that after analysing 51 tobacco additives there was no substantial toxicity associated with their use in tobacco products Wertz et al 2011 reanalysed their original raw data and reached different results They found that 15 of the carcinogenic additives were present by 20 large amounts than published by Morris, especially in the case of acrolein Noted that many of the additives increased the amount of total particulate matter (TPM) produced by smoking the cig They also found that the tobacco industry did not analyse the increase in production ofpolycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons In their reanalysed of the vivo studied wertz et al 2011 found that the use ofonly 910 rats per group for the 90 days as exposure measures dramatically underestimated the long term real world exposure to such toxins The original study did not note that the combination of several additives increased the pH in the cig thus increasing the amount of bioavailable nicotine Tobacco act 1997 Packages require health warning signs Age limit for sale to minors Not allowed to advertise for point of sale (no tobacco advertisements) Projected Tobacco Deaths 10 mill per year by 2020 3 out of 4 will be from india, china, and other developing nations *Canada Larger graphic level laws Jan 2011 st o 1 country to introduce graphic images of health impacts to tobacco *USA FDA Label laws o Tobacco companies won appeal in the federal court Aug 2012 o They do not have to put graphic images on their tobacco productions o Back in court I 2016 *Australia Label law o Tobacco companies lost appeal in the high court Aug 2012
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