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Lecture 6

SCIE 1P51 Lecture 6: Chemical Sun protection - SCIE 1P51

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Caroline Starrs

Chemical Sun protection Ultraviolet radiation o UVA 320 400 nm o Responsible for development of slow natural tan o UVB 290 320 nm o Produces new pigment formation, sun burn, Vitamin D synthesis o UVC 200 290 nm o Does not reach surface of earth Ozone layer protects from the UV radiation but because the layer is depleating, more and more radiation is entering the Earth and causes more damage Sun Protection Sunblock o Reflect radiation Sunscreen o Absorb radiation Sunblock Active ingredients physical agents o zinc oxide protects body from 250400nm o titanium dioxide protects from 260 360 Sunscreen active ingredients UVB spectrum o Cinnamates protects from 280 320 nm o Salicylates protects from 260 320 nm o PABA protects from 260 313 nm o To get the UVA spectrum Benzophenones protects from 260 360 nm Dibenzoylmethanes Parasol 320 400 nm Skin type Skin type 1 always burns easily: never tans Skin type 2 always burns easily: tans minimally. Skin type 6 never burns: deeply pigmented.
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