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Assignment for Seminar 1 January 27, 2014 Rebecca Lefebvre 5159199 In the article, Neonatal exposure to Thimerosal from vaccines and child development in the forst three years of life, Dorota Mrozek-Budzyn, Renata Majewska,Agnieszka, and Malgorzata Augustyniak examine the effects of vsccines that contain thimerosal on early chindhood development (Mrozek-Budzyn et al p592). Thimerosal has been used in vaccines as an antiseptic and antifungal agent since the 1930’s and is contained in many vaccines that prevent various viruses such as influenza and meningitis (p592). This study focuses on the safety issue of thimerosal-containing vaccines (TVC) due to the presence of the ethylmercury compound which the side-effects of exposure are unknown in humans but are suspected to be similar to that of methylmercury which is extremely harmful (p592). Due to this, there is a lot of controversy over whether or not the TVC’s should be used at all in vaccines especially with children (p593). For this study 196 infants born between 2001 and 2003 were observed every three months over the first two years of life and every six months for the third (p593). The data collected consisted of vaccine history, maternal and cord blood samples, the psychomotor scale assessment (BSID-II) which tested neurodevelopment, confounders that would influence outcomes such as: exposure to smoking (tobacco) and gestational age, and a statistical analysis where the variables TVC exposure layer in life and cord blood mercury concentration were added to the model (p593). The results showed that there was no relationship between exposure to TVC and mental development in infants to three years of age (p595). However, there is a negative effect in the first stage of life which could be the cause of lower BSID-II scores that disa
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