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seminar 4 write up

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Caroline Starrs

Assignment for Seminar 4 March 17, 2014 Rebecca Lefebvre 5159199 The article, Of mugs, meals and more: the intricate relations between physicians and the medical industry, discusses the influence of the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturers on physicians in the medical field (Sahm et al p 265). The author states that because physicians are in control of the allocation of money it puts them in a major power position and are constantly approached by the manufacturers and pharmaceutical industry who try to persuade them with gifts such as mugs that have their logos on them, dinners, and financial payments to promote their products (p 265). Due to these enticements, physicians may make decisions that put their patients at risk by prescribing them medication that is harmful to them such as the case with Wyeth Company where 1400 people took a hormone that caused breast cancer (p 267). Conflicts of interest also bring harm to academic and clinical research from the way the study is conducted to the presentation of the results (p 268). It has been seen that positive results are published more than negative results which are purposely held back, ghost and guest writers are paid by the industry to help the effectiveness of the articles, and after taking a survey 77% of physicians said that they accepted financial aid from the industry (p 269). The author states that there needs to be an enforced code of ethical behaviour, laws that ban unethical behaviours, and that physicians should have to disclose all any conflicts of interest they may have (p 265). It is essential that physicians have a strong medical education and put their patients first at all costs and by disclosing their conflicts of interest they would successfully be doing this (p 270). Patients have the right to know everything about their physician and what they are being prescribed especially if it has
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