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SCIE 1P51-Genetics Continued and Tissue Engineering.docx

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Brock University
Caroline Starrs

SCIE 1P51Section 0102 Winter 2012Duration 03 070212 SCIE 1P51 Science and TechnologyNotesGenetics ContinuedNotesy Check your article choice mark o It should be 4 or above if not check your official Brock email y There is a link on Sakai to images that will be used in lecture MITOSIS y Used to make new bodysomatic cellsy Division of DNA into two identical cells Structure of DNA in Cell y To protect DNA information tightly coil the chromosomey One coiled piece of DNA is called a chromatid Mitosis y Diagram y Chromosomes become attached to microtubules at the kinetochores y Each chromosome is oriented such that the kinetochores of sister chromatids are attached to microtubules from opposite poles y Chromosomes move to equator of the cell y Diagramy Diagramy All chromosomes are aligned to equator of the cell called the metaphase plate y Chromosomes are attached to opposite poles are under tension y Diagram y Proteins holding centromeres of sister chromatids are degraded freeing individual chromosomes y Chromosomes are pulled to opposite poles anaphase A y Spindle poles move apart anaphase By Diagram y Chromosomes are clustered at opposite poles and decondense y Nuclear envelopes reform around chromosomesy Cell divides into two y Resulting cells are identicalMITOSIS SUMMARYy MitosisMakes somatic cells y Spindle fibers attach to chromatids y Chromatids line up single filey Cells contain 23 pairs of chromosomes y Cells are identicaly Link on Sakai
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