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Caroline Starrs

SCIE 1P51 Science and TechnologyNotesGenetics Notes GENETICS y No two humans are exactly alike y Identical twins y Genetics is the study of the variation between and among living things and how this variation is inherited y Why do we resemble our parents y How are we different from plants and other animals o Bonobos are our closes genetic primate 987 HISTORY y Ancient Cultures recognized that children resembled their parents y Egyptians practiced selective breeding in agriculture 4 000 years ago y Greeks o Hippocratestraits from both parents o AristotleMale gave form to embryo and female only incubator GREGOR MENDEL y Monk 1860s y Austria y Interested in statistics and nature y In charge of monastery garden y Knew nothing about DNA or cells etc MENDELS EXPERIMENT 1 y Used peas o Notices that there are traits passed on from generation o generation y True breeding y Selffertile y Matched peas for all traits except for two Pea Traits y Smooth or dented seeds y Yellow or green seeds y Greed or yellow pods y Axial or terminal flowers y Purple or white flowers Mendels Experiment 1 y Question What will I get if I cross plants with purples flowers and plants with white flowers y Diagrams will be posted on Sakai Mendels Control y He crossed white flowers with white flowers and purple flowers with purples flowers as controlled experiments BlendingPredicted Outcome y Predicted that these traits would blend and you would get a pink or red flower Mendels Actual Results y He got nothing but purple flowers
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